San Jose Gurdwara Sound System

The Gurdwara sound system is custom designed to fit the unique interior architectural design of the
large hall. The sound system is modeled after high end movie theaters where people can enjoy hearing
uniform level of sound in every corner of the hall no matter where they are sitting. Every instrument
and the vocal singing can be heard very clearly throughout the hall without any distortion. High end
EV speakers are carefully positioned throughout the hall to eliminate the echo, distortion due to
reflections, and have equal Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at every location in the hall. Custom designed
microphone input panel eliminates any feedback and background noise and allows as many as 19
microphones to be active at the same time. All components of the system are carefully selected and
designed from the microphone to the speakers to provide full spectrum of audio frequencies from
50hz to 18Kz that God has blessed human ear to hear. Saad Sangat can enjoy the Gurbani Keertan no
matter where they select to sit in the hall. The custom designed master volume control switch assures
that there is no chance of operator error in setting the volume level that exceeds 95dBM SPL (Sound
Pressure Level) and make it uncomfortable for the human ear to hear.

For the Keertan performers the stage is equipped with high quality instrumental and vocal micro-phones
that reduce the background noise and allow performers to keep the microphone at very comfortable
range of 4 inches to 12 inches from the mouth when performing. Two High quality EV monitor speakers
are positioned on each side of the stage for the performer to monitor their performance and allow them
to fine tune their performance.